Winter Travel Style

It’s officially getting c o l d, and even though I moved back from Florida almost two years ago, getting used to this weather is still an adjustment! The constant struggle in winter is to actually be warm and look cute at the same time- especially when traveling! So here are my top picks for traveling during the winter!

Oversized Sweaters

I love being cozy on flights, and when traveling in the chilly weather, it is nice to have a few options to stay warm. Oversized sweaters are a must-have; they are the perfect piece to complete an outfit but still be cozy on the long travel days. My personal favorite is this charcoal sweater from H&M. It’s affordable, cute and a perfect piece to be comfortable in while also looking put together while traveling.hmprod

H&M: $34.99

Find it here.


The reason I love leggings so much is because they can dress-down or dress-up. If you want to look nice but also still have the comfort of wearing sweatpants, leggings are the way to go. My favorite pair is actually from…. wait for it… Costco! That’s right, you heard right. The reason I love them so much is because they are thick and can be used as pants or as tights. Also, because they are thick, they add an extra comfort, especially during the cold months.


Costco: $14.99

Find them here.


During the winter, there are a lot of necessities to bring with you. I have been that person with scarves falling out of my oversized purse and straps falling down my arms, but I’ve FINALLY figured out the best way to avoid that! For purse necessities, I got a cross body bag. I keep my small makeup pouch, keys, and wallet in it. Then, I use a medium-size backpack to put the rest of my carry-on items in. Back packs are my best friend because you can fit so much in them and throw them on your back without worrying about straps or everything toppling out.


Target: $26.99

Find it here.

Poncho Scarf

Use it as a scarf, sweater, or blanket! I’m obsessed with these multi-wear pieces because they’re practical and cute. It’s an extra way to keep you warm if you aren’t in first class getting that free blanket. Also, it’s probably way comfier than airplane blankets anyway 😉 I got my go-to poncho from a flea market because they have great prices, but you can also order one from several places online.


Banana Republic: $29.00

Find it here.


My go-to travel shoes during the winter are booties. These can dress up, dress down, and are easy to slip off when in-flight. My favorite pair is from Target. They are black, sleek, and $35. They are the absolute best for not only traveling but also for work and everyday wear!


Target: $35.00

Find them here.


What have been your go-to winter travel items this year?! Leave them in the comments below!



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