Gold on gold on gold.. Christmas Decorating!

It is officially the holiday season! I mean, I’ve been in the spirit for a couple weeks now… but now it’s finally acceptable to say it! ūüėČ Our Thanksgiving was so much fun and it was great having Justin home for the day! (Hoping we will get just as lucky for Christmas!!)

However, now that it is officially the Christmas season.. Justin and I have been having so much fun decorating the house! Decorating gives you an excuse to reorganize the rest of your house so it has been an expensive season.. but a fun one nonetheless ūüėČ

I first wanted to decorate our sitting room. Since that was where we were putting our Christmas tree, I wanted the rest of the room to match. I wanted the feel to be cozy, rustic, a touch of aviation, and (of course) finished off with some gold.


The long frame I¬†chose was from Hobby Lobby, one of my¬†favorite spots! I¬†love the script writing, something we repeat throughout the rest of our house,¬†and it is one of my favorite verses. The photo on the left was given to us as a wedding present. It is one of the photos from our engagement shoot with the verse “Love one another as I have loved you” John 15:12.¬†It was such a wonderful personalized gift and we wanted to display it.

I am obsessed with all things faux fur right now, and I just needed these Christmas stockings! I found these at Home Goods and just had to get them! The small stocking, for our puppy Cali :), was found at Target in the $3.00 section! You heard right!


I accented the mantle with gold sparkly candles (left) found at Joann Fabrics. They come in all different sizes. The copper colored candles in the center were found at Target as well in that solid $3.00 section. (How would I be able to furnish my house without that section?!)

The gold airplanes were used in our wedding centerpieces. I wanted to incorporate our love for aviation so these were one of our favorite  pieces of our mantle. We repurposed these old, model airplanes and spray painted them gold in order to match our vintage theme.


The garland we used was from the Christmas Tree Shop for $3.99 and I actually found them cheaper (and bought more of course) from Michaels for $2.00 a piece on Black Friday. I wrapped our own white Christmas lights around them. It saved us a few bucks to get the plain garland instead of the built in lights, but we also had some extra lights on hand so it worked out!

Finishing up our cozy sitting room is our Christmas Tree! If you haven’t figured it out by now, Target is my go-to. They just have everything! The¬†gold, copper, and silver sparkly ornaments we used were found at Target for $15.00 along with our beautiful star found at the top of the tree.


I can’t wait to finish decorating the rest of the house! So what do you all think? How is your decorating coming along?

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