Justin and I just recently traveled to Minnesota for the first time! Since Justin was home from training for a couple of days, we decided (last minute of course) that it was the perfect time to visit one of our good friends, Nicole. Flying standby is not always easy.. but this trip seemed to go seamlessly! We went through security, checked in at our gate, and got seats right away. It was the perfect start to a great few days away. Although we were only there for a total of two days, we filled those days with all of the staple Minnesota touristy things.


Trip Itinerary:

  1. Bogarts
  2. Spyhouse
  3. Mall of America
  4. Brewery Hopping
  5. Minnehaha Falls

We started out the day at Bogarts Donuts. What could be more important? Now just saying… their glazed donuts are to die for. Probably the biggest donut I’ve ever eaten and every bite was delicious.

After getting our donut fix we went to Spyhouse for some delicious coffee! If you are a Minneapolis native or just going for a visit, and have not tried this coffee shop, I definitely suggest it. Between the cozy atmosphere and location, it is a sure treat.


After Spyhouse we had to go to the Mall of America! Now, we had the best tour guide around; I think Nicole took us through every inch of the mall and it was incredible! We spent hours exploring the theme park, aquarium, and the 520 stores (no joke).

From there, we checked out a couple of breweries! My husband likes to collect pint glasses from each brewery he visits, and MN is known for having so many breweries, so we brewery hopped and had so much fun. We also visited a distillery named, Tattersall. The vibe of this place was so relaxed so it was a wonderful place to catch up with old friends and drink some margaritas!

The next morning before we left we made a quick trip to the Minnehaha Falls. Talk about beautiful. From the hiking trails to the gorgeous scenery, it was one of my favorite parts of the trip!

Last minute trips are some of the best! What do you guys think? Any fun trips coming up?


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