Things to Know Before Traveling to Italy

Our trip to Italy was one for the books. We had such an amazing time exploring the cities, eating DELICIOUS food, and seeing the beautiful Italian culture. We learned SO much during this trip, some things that would have been nice to know before we went, but everything is a learning experience, right? 😉 Well,... Continue Reading →


Unique Gifts for the Traveler in Your Life

*hint hint* Especially now that we have our own home, I love to decorate and log our travels through decor, travel necessities, and everyday items I buy. After searching and searching, I have complied my all-time favorite travel-themed gifts that are perfect for the traveler in your life. Departure Sign Find it here Ever looked for... Continue Reading →

Engagement Photos

Our engagement pictures were taken by the amazing Deanna Dunn (Instagram: deannnadunnn) at the Trenton Mercer Airport in Ewing, NJ. Because Justin used to be the chief pilot of the flight school located here, we were given the opportunity to use the facility and capture our wedding's aviation theme. Although the day was SO COLD, we... Continue Reading →


Justin and I just recently traveled to Minnesota for the first time! Since Justin was home from training for a couple of days, we decided (last minute of course) that it was the perfect time to visit one of our good friends, Nicole. Flying standby is not always easy.. but this trip seemed to go seamlessly!... Continue Reading →

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